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Affiliate Network Quick Start Guide

 Quick Start Guide

1. Determine Your Affiliate Business Model
Before you start your performance-marketing program, you should consider the content of your site and who you are targeting. What model are you adopting and what makes your site unique.  There are many different affiliate business models,
click here for a list.

2. Build Your Site
Once you've chosen a model, it's time to design and create your site. Here are some helpful online resources for building your site:,, and

3. Join Rakuten LinkShare
You can sign up here. Fill in as much information about your site as you can.

4. Find Advertisers
After completing signup, you will be logged into your account. The first step is to join Advertiser programs. When looking to join Advertiser programs, consider your audience, the content on your site, and the types of Advertisers that you want to work with. To get started, select the Programs tab in the interface. You can browse Advertisers by category or use the search box and type in the name of a specific Advertiser or product category. Click on a specific Advertiser to view more details about their program.

5. Join Programs
Select the Advertiser programs you wish to join by clicking the boxes next to their logo, then, click the Apply button. A new window will open asking you to agree to the Publisher’s Terms & Conditions. Make sure you read and understand the terms, click each box and click OK. Some Advertisers review and manually approve each application, so check your email inbox for the status of their approval.

6. Get Links
Go to the Links section of the Rakuten LinkShare Publisher Dashboard and select the Advertiser you want to get links for from the list. Select the type of links you want for your site by selecting from the options on the left. Once you find the links you would like to use, select the Copy Link button and paste the link code to your site.

7. Using Rakuten LinkShare Programs
Rakuten LinkShare offers Publishers a number of different products and services to help you better manage your program. Visit the
Products and Features page of our site for a complete description of all our products and services.

8. Viewing Reports
Check your program’s results by clicking on the Reports tab in the interface. Rakuten LinkShare offers two different reporting systems; the Interface Reporting System gives basic statistics, while SynergyAnalytics provides deeper analysis.

9. Consolidated Payments
Publisher payments are issued weekly by Rakuten LinkShare. Publishers receive one check or direct deposit that includes all Advertiser payments owed to them. See
Payment Process and Schedule for more information.

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