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Rakuten LinkShare Merchandiser Data Feed Program

The Rakuten LinkShare Merchandiser program is designed for publishers who can support a database of product links that are updated on a daily basis. Here are examples of sites well-suited for Merchandiser:

    * Shopping comparison sites
    * Price comparison sites
    * Product search engine sites

Rakuten LinkShare Merchandiser facilitates the distribution and updating of product links for publishers that require access to a complete and dynamic inventory of an advertiser's products. Merchandiser allows you to integrate product links on your website without having to create links manually for each product an advertiser carries.

If you would like to participate in the Rakuten LinkShare Merchandiser program or would like information on the Delta and Template Merchandiser features, please download the latest version of the  Merchandiser implementation guidelines . These new guidelines (version 5.1) will be in effect in mid-August 2014. You can also view and download the previous version, attached below.

Here are the key changes in the new version for your reference:
  • The .lmp file extension seen in the FTP download will no longer exist. What you see is what you get for files.
  • The IDs used for the merchant categories will change. However, the new IDs will be available in the advertiser category file found in the MID directory along with the advertiser category specific files. We recommend that you check the IDs before getting the files, and do not assume that they will be the same from day to day.

If you would like to create an FTP account to receive Merchandiser product files from selected advertisers, please complete Appendix E at the bottom of the guidelines and email back your information to UK Network publishers can get individual support by contacting us at For a current list of merchants participating in the Rakuten LinkShare Merchandiser Program, please click here.

For further information on the Merchandiser program, contact us at:
UK Network affiliates can get individual support by contacting us at

Tip:  So our response to you doesn't end up in your spam folder, please be sure to add these domains to the safe sender's list in your email program: and

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