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What is the Premium Advertisers Program?

LinkShare has established a program to highlight advertisers that satisfy the criteria listed below. These criteria were selected based on best practices that we have experienced and feedback given to us from publishers on what they look for in a program. The advertisers who satisfy these criteria are called Premium Advertisers. They are denoted by a red star symbol on the Publisher Dashboard.

LinkShare Premium Advertisers:

  • Resolve transaction inquiries in a timely fashion
  • Use LinkShare’s publisher-payment service
  • Authorize publisher payments promptly, so publishers are paid at the end of the following month
  • Allow seven or more return days (does not apply to advertisers with pay-per-click programs)
  • Are active and in good standing with LinkShare

For a list of LinkShare's Premium Advertisers click on the Programs tab in the Publisher Dashboard and then click Premium Advertisers.

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